UR so Gay

My wife introduced me to Katy Parry after reading that she is a current obsession of Madonna’s. Her music is awesome and restores my faith that not all modern music artists are manufactured at big record companies.

Her vocal range moves seamlessly from bedroom husky to bright sunshine and she seems really down-to-earth. Check out the video for “UR so gay” here:

Then listen to these awesome tracks:

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Rising from the dead…

From the graveyard, a freshly committed corpse digs his way out of the ground, sheds the uniform of the Starting Now podcast and shambles it’s way to UndeadSoup.com.

That’s a bit dramatic, for the five or six of you who listened to me and my friends podcast “Starting Now” this is a new online venture. I’ve changed thehoffmanstudio.com into a personal portfolio of sorts (Which seems to have worked out well because I got the next job I applied for.)

I decided to start this site to house all of the interesting things I find on the interwebs to share with my friends. It seems a lot easier than sending out a mess of e-mails every time an article seems interesting enough to point out to everyone.

You’ll see lots of articles on technology, web design, gaming, getting things done, music, photography, video production along with guest posts from the other former members of the “Starting Now” cast (but mostly from Josh “The Shark”).

Come back soon!

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