Chunkit! Personal Search Engine

chunkit logoThe web is getting to be a difficult place to navigate. The more general search you do the more results you get (Obviously). Unfortunately, searches are not great (yet) at knowing what we’re REALLY looking for when we search for general topics. The Chunkit! toolbar tries to help with that.

Chunkit! tries to chunk information from searches and large web pages into bite-sized previews so you can quickly see if what you’ve found is in fact what you’re looking for.

The toolbar is available for Firefox and IE and it provides a larger preview of search results from huge sites like Wikipedia, Google, and Craigslist. Although it will work on any site.

I met these guys last week at Educomm 2008 in Las Vegas and they were some really awesome folks with a neat product (did I also mention it’s free?) So head here and give it a try for yourself.

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