Failed and Owned

Just a quick one for the weekend. Fail vids!




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Weezer is one of the most talented and pop-culture aware bands in existence. It amazes me how awesome their videos are.

How many internet meme’s can you count in this video? Looks like if they could get the original star they did.

I’m surprised that the world didn’t end when Gary Brolsma, Tay Zonday and Chris Crocker all got in the same room. I thought all of Google’s servers would’ve blown up. “Tell them about the twinkie Ray.”

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Sean Cullen

Sean Cullen is one of my favorite comics. As member of Corky and the Juice Pigs, he performed such favorites as Burn Victim Girl and The Only Gay Eskimo.

On his own he hosted a successful show in England and starred in the British version of the Broadway hit The Producers.

Here he is on his own performing two of my favorites I’m Talkin’ About Satan &The Chimp and the Woman. “WHO DO YOU LOVE!?!?!?!”

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Chris Graduated

After 15 years of on again off again schooling I finally broke through the “I’ve got 2 years left to go” ceiling.

It’s a great feeling. Thanks to all my friends and family who made it out and who send kind words and cards.

Now what do I do for an encore? I’m eyeballing a masters degree, only time will tell.

Thanks again everyone who helped me realize this dream.

– Chris

Chris Graduating

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