Spider-Man – Web of Shadows

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever … OH MY GOD EVERYONE IS VENOM!!!!!

Normally I’d say this is a cheap unimaginative idea but I’m a sucker for crossing character costumes. I love when the end of a comic results in the good guys winning because he dressed like a different character (See: Kingdom Come). This looks like a lot of fun. Check out the physics on spidy’s web.


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ABC – Iesha

Ah the memories! Michael Bivins first taught us to shake our booty as a member of New Edition then continued rolling out the fat beats with Bell Biv Devoe.

Tired of keeping his monster success to himself he reached out to other bands to help them hit the mainstream music scene. One of his projects was the hit band Boyz II Men, where Biv started his trend of talking over the middle of the bands tracks. Kind of like that annoying friend that pokes you in the ribs right before all the cool parts to Terminator 2 and says “Hey watch this!” Biv, I’m listening to the track no need to tell me how phat and dope it is … I’m with you.

Anyway ABC was Bivs second worst failure (Look up Sudden Impact/Whytgize) but at least they produced a hit so they can be on all those “Where are they now?”, “Entertainers we used to love but now are total losers!” Show’s on VH1.

This video is so street! Notice how they played ‘tendo on their first date? Word little man… word.

The Onion – D&D Master

Great video. I’ve played with guys like this so I know exactly where they’re coming from. Must be awesome for the geeks on the Onion staff to finally get their payback in on the big screen.

Update: Hope you got to see the D&D video while it was up. Some snobby “copyright holders” had it pulled from youtube. so here’s something else funny from them:

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Geex 2008

I went to Geex 08 in Salt Lake City, Utah where the guys at geekshowpodcast.com were nice/stupid enough to have me on as a guest. Go listen to the episode then you can see my point of view right here!

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Star Wars Clone Wars : Wii (FINALLY!)

Presumably, after you purchase the new Wii-mote add-on, this game will react 1-1 with your movements. SWEET!!!! It’s about time is all I can say.

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DC vs. Mortal Kombat

Finally getting in on the act, DC vs. Mortal Kombat is releasing for next gen consoles on 11/3/08.

A little johnny-come-lately since Marvel vs. Street Fighter has been out for years.

I’ve been reading in interviews where the developers said that fatalities would still be in the game only “modified” and no M rating. That scares me a bit. I’d pre-order this today if I knew I’d get to rip Superman’s spine out of his body for making me sit through the Brian Singer snooze-fest.

Need another reason to be scared? The storyline mode was written by James Palmiotti who wrote forgettable runs on the comics Deadpool, Heroes for Hire and the awful TV series Painkiller Jane. Guess that certifies him to write a DC based video game HA!

Cobra Starship – The City is at War

Cobra Starship is a alternative punk band in the vein of Fall-Out boy.

They have punk style sound with a beat you can dance to Dick Clark. Before this one, my favorite from these guys was “Snakes on a Plane (Bring it)”


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Red Flag – Russian Radio

Retro, music you’re not listening to this time.

Short Film – Pencil Face

Hella creepy.

There are some serious issues surrounding this film. The maddening pencil face, the abandoned playground, the insane asylum theme music.

It all culminates in a “Careful what you wish for” ending.


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