Rolling Bomber Special

One of the funniest shorts I’ve seen in a long time. I really didn’t see where it was going, and that made it even better. Enjoy!


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Starting Now – Basic Miniature Painting

Here is an old video I made a couple years ago on how the basics of painting miniatures. Enjoy and let me know if it was helpful.

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Daft Punk – Technologic

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This is one of my favorite Daft Punk songs but I only recently found this video. Where does one get a creepy, skinless, little kid robot in the first place?

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe: The Joker

WOW! What a cool version of the Joker.They just keep giving me more and more good reasons to buy this game. Watch the move where Joker shove his opponent through five walls. I love how Joker tip-toes around and giggles after kicking the crap out of people. That along with Lex Luthor in his power armorand Deathstroe the Terminator!!!! I know what I’m asking Santa for this Christmas.



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Campaign Coins

Wed Nov 12 15:25:02 2008 Campaign Coins is a company out of Australia that makes a currency mini game to use in your paper and pencil RPGs.

From the site

“Campaign Coins offers a high quality,