Friday the 13th – Reboot

I love horror films! I’m a big fan of Jason, Freddy and the like. On February 13th the Friday the 13th franchise reboots and retells the origin of Jason Vorhees.


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Stick Figures

The plight of the stick figures looking for the promised page! I have nothing more to say here but if the paragraph doesn’t reach all the way across this column the video won’t center.


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Baracuda – Where is the Love

I’ve neglected the music section for too long. For those that don’t know, I spent almost 9 years as a part time DJ for clubs, weddings etc, so I’m a huge fan of dance music. While listening to on shoutcast, I heard this remix/dance mix from Baracuda – Where is the Love (only one r in Baracuda).

These are my favorite kind of dance songs, ones where the artist uses recognizable parts of popular songs to make their own song. The sample on this song is from the rockin band Nightwish (whom I love!!!) so it effectively covers the best of both worlds for me. The fact that the singer is good lookin’ doesn’t hurt anything either :). Enjoy!

p.s. After watching more Baracuda, they have more good music:

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That’s a Numberwang!!!!

How to play:

1. There are 10 rounds.

2. Each round lasts 10 seconds. You’re up against the clock!

3. Play your numbers, as long as they’re between 0 and 99.

4. That’s Numberwang!

4. That’s Numberwang!

Numberwang accepts no responsibility for any loss of personal items, injury or sudden death.




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