Student Cam Fair Use – Bruce Collins

Bruce Collins does a great job explaining academic Fair-Use of copyrighted material.

Will the Record Industry Die Already?

I am so sick of the zombie youtube videos on my site.

You know the ones, I post a cool song on my blog then three weeks later the video disappears and I get another “This video has been removed…” blah blah blah. Every time I see this I can imagine a room full of old school record execs wringing their hands and twirling their mustaches saying “HAHAHA! We stopped another fan from promoting our artists for free!” Everyone nods and stomps canes on the ground.

None of them realize they just spent money to STOP someone from getting the word out about an artist or song. Isn’t that advertising in reverse?

So here’s my suggestion for the new youtube message when a video is pulled:

Family Force 5 – Dance or Die

Didn’t know I was into Christian Crunk-Core music until I heard FF5.