Benny Lava

I’m really late on this but I’m sure I still have some friends who haven’t seen this. The mock translation is hilarious and the song is really catchy. enjoy Benny Lava!

3OH!3 – Electroshock

3OH!3 is a Hip-Hop Electronica band out of Boulder CO. They’ve opened for Snoop Do-double-G

Rotten Musicians – Plus 20 Broadsword (Music Video)

Awesome, local boys (Salt Lake City, Utah) are rocking the Myspace charts with the video for this song about D&D. I sometimes think we’re the center of the gaming universe in this state. Check out their site and more songs at *shudder* Rotten Musicians myspace page.

The video’s ending is my favorite part!

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ABC – Iesha

Ah the memories! Michael Bivins first taught us to shake our booty as a member of New Edition then continued rolling out the fat beats with Bell Biv Devoe.

Tired of keeping his monster success to himself he reached out to other bands to help them hit the mainstream music scene. One of his projects was the hit band Boyz II Men, where Biv started his trend of talking over the middle of the bands tracks. Kind of like that annoying friend that pokes you in the ribs right before all the cool parts to Terminator 2 and says “Hey watch this!” Biv, I’m listening to the track no need to tell me how phat and dope it is … I’m with you.

Anyway ABC was Bivs second worst failure (Look up Sudden Impact/Whytgize) but at least they produced a hit so they can be on all those “Where are they now?”, “Entertainers we used to love but now are total losers!” Show’s on VH1.

This video is so street! Notice how they played ‘tendo on their first date? Word little man… word.

Cobra Starship – The City is at War

Cobra Starship is a alternative punk band in the vein of Fall-Out boy.

They have punk style sound with a beat you can dance to Dick Clark. Before this one, my favorite from these guys was “Snakes on a Plane (Bring it)”


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Red Flag – Russian Radio

Retro, music you’re not listening to this time.

Within Temptation – The Howling

The Dutch gave us their ovens, clogs and that fun style of jumprope. They were also good enough to export music from Temptation Within.

Because it’s a rock band with a female lead singer you instantly get the Evanescence comparisons, which in itself isn’t altogether bad because I like them but, These guys are in a different sub-genre. They call themselves Symphonic rock, I call them kick-ass.

This song was featured in the opening of the video game The Chronicles of Spellborn.

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Shiny Toy Guns – Rainy Monday

Score one for the U.S. of A.! Shiny Toy Guns is a great band out of Los Angeles, California (home of the not NBA champs the Lakers.)

Their irresistibly danceable tunes are coupled with seriously catchy melodies that get stuck in you head all day (in a good way, not in the “I’m going to find a tower to climb with my high-powered rifle” sort of way.)

Check out my favorite track from We Are Pilots (v3): Rainy Monday.

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Kaiser Chiefs

Why is it that Europe is coming out with so much more good music than the United States these days? Seems like we’re only interested in hearing new Beyonce albums.
Anyway the Kaiser Chiefs are an English band names after a South African soccer team.
I Predict a Riot is my favorite track of of their second album.

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Star Trek Rap [NSFW]

This parody has the freshest rhymes this side of strong island. Created by the internet comedians at Those Aren’t Muskets.

Download the mp3 here.

Very NFSW watch at your own risk!



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