The Slants

The Slants are and all Asian band out of Portland, Oregon. They sound like a mix between The Clash and Depeche Mode. I heard about them in a recent NPR interview. Apparently some folks are offended by the band’s name and their instance on only admitting Asian members. Doesn’t bother me, it’s their ride and they can put whatever rims on it they like as far as I’m concerned.

I found it very interesting all the publicity they received over the controversy though. I think I might start a band called Whittey McCracka Ass Cracka and the Plantation Owners and see if that boosts sales.

Back on the subject: Unfortunately this is the best quality video I could find. This is a live video taken at sakuracon, an anime and manga dress-up convention where these guys are HUGE!

I loathe to suggest it because I believe myspace is the biggest blight and biggest polluter of the internet since geocities but you can listen to full versions of The Slants’ awesome music on their page here.

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Weezer is one of the most talented and pop-culture aware bands in existence. It amazes me how awesome their videos are.

How many internet meme’s can you count in this video? Looks like if they could get the original star they did.

I’m surprised that the world didn’t end when Gary Brolsma, Tay Zonday and Chris Crocker all got in the same room. I thought all of Google’s servers would’ve blown up. “Tell them about the twinkie Ray.”

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Sean Cullen

Sean Cullen is one of my favorite comics. As member of Corky and the Juice Pigs, he performed such favorites as Burn Victim Girl and The Only Gay Eskimo.

On his own he hosted a successful show in England and starred in the British version of the Broadway hit The Producers.

Here he is on his own performing two of my favorites I’m Talkin’ About Satan &The Chimp and the Woman. “WHO DO YOU LOVE!?!?!?!”

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UR so Gay

My wife introduced me to Katy Parry after reading that she is a current obsession of Madonna’s. Her music is awesome and restores my faith that not all modern music artists are manufactured at big record companies.

Her vocal range moves seamlessly from bedroom husky to bright sunshine and she seems really down-to-earth. Check out the video for “UR so gay” here:

Then listen to these awesome tracks:

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