Undead Soup: The Podcast About Indie Publishing – Episode 004

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In this episode of Undead Soup the podcast about indie publishing, we review an article about the importance of marketing as it pertains to self published boardgames, Josh goes on a rant about a kickstarter (which we later found out wasn’t exactly right but it’s still funny,) we interview the creators of Magnetic by Nature (the self published platforming video game without platforms,) and we send you off recommending that you do your research on kick starter claims.

Board Game Publishers are Doing it Wrong

Trekking the Parks – The Board Game

Magnetic by Nature

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  1. Ahem … Can’t help but notice I’ve heard not one thing about this? C’mon, man! We’d talk this the hell up!

    Also – I’m a podSluter – so, for a good time, call me. 🙂

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